Why I started with lifestyle changes

Since I am sure my friends are completely annoyed by me for preaching to them to be healthier and how I am slowly becoming a “hippie.”  I say hippie because in this day in age, eating like we are supposed to is now considered dieting or being a hippie!  I am a lean woman with a bit of junk in the trunk and often friends or strangers will make comments such as “why are you on a diet, you’re skinny already” or “just eat the whole thing it’s not like you gain any weight.”  To be honest, I am sick of hearing that and sometimes it makes me feel like complete crap!  For one, I am struggling with inner health issues like the “diagnoses” of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), which leads to other things like acne and digestion.  But GUESS WHAT!?  All of these problems are controlled by living healthy!!!

In my early 20’s I started to get very nervous, watching my grandparents drink down a bottle of pills each day to keep them alive.  My grandparents would go on to tell me that this pill is to control this, and that pill controls the ill effects of that pill, and so on!  I am sorry, but this is not how I want to spend retirement money, nor do I want to wash down some of these horse sized pills everyday of my life!  This is when I began to wonder and read online about the single and only pill I was taking, birth control…..To be continued in my next post about my first lifestyle change.

Don’t give up!  If you are struggling with an issue and a doctor has “diagnosed” you with a condition, do your research!  Often, we go to the doctor because that’s just what we do, they diagnose us, give us some pills, and we go home to take those pills for the rest of our lives.  Then 10 years later, you are diagnosed with another condition that the first pill gave you, and the cycle just continues.   Many of these conditions can be controlled by the food we put into our bodies and the exercise we do!  DO YOUR RESEARCH!

In different posts I will try to focus on each of these issues and how it was improved by changing my living habits.  I want to share how much I have learned over the last 5 years since changing my habits with you to help you.  Eventually I will post some awesome cookbooks, oil recipes, workouts, and other awesome stuff that I enjoy everyday to stay healthy.

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Why are you making lifestyle changes?


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