7 Tips For Eating Fast Food On a Diet

Life gets in the way of our diets sometimes.  Whether we are running around doing errands, busy after work, don’t have time to cook, or simply just want to grab something easy!  Every now and again I can get too lazy to cook, so I opt in on the local food choices.  Good thing a lot of chains offer somewhat healthy items these days!

There are many way to stick to your diet when eating out. Continue reading

9 Uses for Lime Essential Oil

Pure lime oil (Citrus aurantifolia) is created by cold-pressing the peel of a lime or by steam distillation of its dried peels.  This evergreen tree is short, bushy, and can grow between 6-13 feet high.  It has dark green leaves, white blossoms and green oval fruits.  The Lime tree is indigenous to Southeast Asia, Egypt, and Africa, and is now grown Continue reading

Food Detoxing: 9 Ways To Detox Naturally

Why Is A Detox Cleanse Important

Our colon gets absolutely terrorized with some of the things we put in our mouth like dairy, bread, processed food, cake, candy, etc.  Do you get bloated, constipated, depressed, and sick a lot?  This is because these foods made with chemicals are not supposed to be going through our systems.  The body cannot handle these types of foods and it does not move through us so it essentially builds up in your body causing these issues. Continue reading

Why and How to Use Essential Oils

Why Use Essential Oils

The chemicals in commercial brand products are extremely harmful to your family, friends, pets, and anyone else who comes in contact with them!

I have seen the positive effects of reducing the amount of chemicals in my life. I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which is basically a hormone defect, that is greatly affected by chemicals. Since making these lifestyle changes, the symptoms of my PCOS have been greatly reduced. I am not a doctor and some of you probably think I am just nuts, Continue reading

Essential Oil Blends to Diffuse for the Holidays

This is one of the best times of years and filled with the smells that take us to happy places! It all starts with fall, the crisp leaves, pine needles of the northern woods, warm soups and pies, hot cocoa, etc…I could really go on! The best way to enjoy these smells even when you’re not baking is to diffuse different blends at home, in your car, office, or wherever! Continue reading