9 Most Popular Meal Kits For Your Diet Needs – Reviews

How awesome are these meal kits!? I think they are one of the best services out there for so many different people. If you’re way too busy, way too lazy, learning to cook, or getting healthy, these kits are perfect. I personally love these because I am usually too lazy to cook all the time or I end up over shopping and not cooking the food I purchases, which expires if I don’t freeze it all, which now my freezer is full of frozen food and my cabinets filled with lots of pickled vegetables. Continue reading

Dieting?  Where To Start?

There are so many diets out there and new ones popping up every month it seems like!  How do you choose which one to follow?  Or maybe you’ve tried one or a dozen, but were always hungry, tired, and didn’t lose weight or keep it off!  If that is the case, don’t give up!  There are so many trending diets out there, that aren’t necessarily the safest or best to follow.  Everybody’s bodies are built different and have different requirements so some diets don’t work for all!  I am no doctor, but I am here to share with you my journey of food. Continue reading

The Quickest Way To Meal Prep and Doing It On A Budget

Meal prepping 😊!!! Where to start? What an awesome way to be healthy and have some meals on the go if your super busy, right?! Meal prepping always seemed like a ton of work to do each week. It didn’t sound like you could meal prep tasty meals and that almost all the meals would be boring and flavorless. Continue reading

7 Tips For Eating Fast Food On a Diet

Life gets in the way of our diets sometimes.  Whether we are running around doing errands, busy after work, don’t have time to cook, or simply just want to grab something easy!  Every now and again I can get too lazy to cook, so I opt in on the local food choices.  Good thing a lot of chains offer somewhat healthy items these days!

There are many way to stick to your diet when eating out. Continue reading

Food Detoxing: 9 Ways To Detox Naturally

Why Is A Detox Cleanse Important

Our colon gets absolutely terrorized with some of the things we put in our mouth like dairy, bread, processed food, cake, candy, etc.  Do you get bloated, constipated, depressed, and sick a lot?  This is because these foods made with chemicals are not supposed to be going through our systems.  The body cannot handle these types of foods and it does not move through us so it essentially builds up in your body causing these issues. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Food Journal

Personally I had never thought to keep a food journal.  I mean what reason was there?  I was young and thought I was pretty health conscious, I mean I didn’t have any major health issues that stuck out.  But a matter of fact I did have a major health issues, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in which I had no idea I had and that is because a little pill called Birth Control masked Continue reading